iBeach Solutions

iBeach is a cost-effective, persistent beach monitoring and AI-powered data analysis tool that maps coastal health over time.

The impacts of climate change and sea level rise on our coasts are hard to understand by observing intermittent snapshots of our shorelines. Annual or incremental surveying efforts often are unable to paint a complete picture of coastal evolution over time.

Continuous monitoring over long periods of time affords us a better understanding of sea level rise and climate threats, but has been cost- or manpower-prohibitive until now. A typical beach survey costs around $4,000.00 per survey and often are required four-times a year to capture even a partial picture of beach change. $16,000.00 per year is often unaffordable to homeowners or even commercial entities.

Versus other methods of gauging coastal changes, such as UAV (drone) surveys and traditional beach profiling, iBeach offers better temporal resolution and spatial coverage with far less labor and equipment costs, allowing for automated long-term observation and insight gathering like never before.

  • Inundation: increased wave power and larger storm surges are beginning to impact coastlines due to wave height that we are unprepared to handle. iBeach’s AI can map fluctuations over time and provide insights on when and how to armor the most affected areas.
  • Erosion: iBeach is the perfect tool to monitor incremental, long-term erosion of sand and useable land areas. Slow-moving amounts of erosion can be very difficult to track via traditional surveying, whereas iBeach can crunch data to map exposed sand amounts in large or small areas and differentiate erosion from tidal and storm-related changes in beach levels.
  • Rising Groundwater: groundwater tables can lead to severe drainage issues and more frequent flooding, making high-rainfall areas near the coast even more susceptible to post-storm damages. iBeach can monitor how nearby sea levels are affective run-off and drainage systems to provide invaluable insights on remediation strategies.

iBeach is scalable and therefore appropriate for government, commercial properties, private associations, and individual home/landowners. The system is a plug-and-play and can network a single camera, or a vast network of cameras which can monitor large stretches of coastline.

With minimal hardware costs, automated data collection, and dynamic analysis tools included, iBeach delivers invaluable insights when it comes to protecting beaches, infrastructure, and coastlines.

Sea walls at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu