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Leveraging Computer Vision to automate persistent visual monitoring and provide actionable insights

iBeach Edge Devices

iBeach’s edge camera system can be a single deployed device or network of connect monitoring cameras.

iBeach edge hardware installation

iBeach edge devices provide continuous, low-power, low-cost monitoring of coastlines. The iBeach system is capable of delivering real-time, persistent data capture that traditional beach profiling cannot. Conventional surveying methods require a team using rod/prism and Total Station (ex: Leica TC305) and is both time-consuming and labor intensive. A survey team may need to repeatedly return to a site over multiple dates, conditions, and seasons to capture even a limited picture of a beach’s health.

iBeach device can provide the necessary around-the-clock visual data to paint a complete picture of the coastline over time. The proprietary Artificial Intelligence software then delivers valuable analysis and insight that users can interact with via the cloud.

BeachWatch Cloud Analysis

BeachWatch is the cloud-based, decision-making platform of the iBeach system.

BeachWatch data collection software

In the cloud, the BeachWatch platform catalogs and displays data from the edge devices. The software consolidates edge-device-captured imagery and then shares the resulting data and insights among authorized users. Users can collaborate to solve the challenges of a project site, can build custom reports, can create novel dashboards, and more.

BeachWatch’s graphical user interface (GUI) processes exposed sand levels versus water levels using a proprietary computer vision algorithm.  This site data is cataloged over months and years to provide a wholistic picture of the tidal, seasonal, and adverse weather event impacts on the site in addition to overall trends in sea level rise and erosion.

BeachWatch GUI platform
BeachWatch consolidates beach transects/profiles, data on lost/gained/stable beach, and rates of change.